Nation-E’s solution offers a seamlessly integrated transparent security layer. It incorporates three main components that secure critical infrastructure, OT (operational technology) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) systems:



Nation-E’s Cerebrum analyzes the information collected by the Energy Firewall and provides a detailed dashboard, reports and alerts; in addition, Cerebrum integrates with existing SIEM (where applicable). 

It detects and reports tampering, traffic abnormalities or behavioral deviations from a stated policy, provides immediate alerts on communication disruptions, allows incident response and assets isolation using Nation-E policy management. Cerebrum integrates with multiple 3rd-party incident response systems including the most common SIEM systems from IBM, Checkpoint and HP.


Energy Firewall

Nation-E’s Energy Firewall collects and orchestrates real-time information acquired by the Smart Agents.

It provides passive monitoring of the traffic, visibility into assets inventory and state, abnormal or risky traffic patterns, policy enforcement and real-time threat isolation and mitigation.


Smart Agent

Nation-E’s smart agents are attached to critical assets serial interface in order to monitor and secure. Assets may be network-connected or stand-alone, accessible via serial connectivity.

Our smart agents connect and communicate via encrypted and mutually authenticated tunnels, preventing rogue assets from posing a threat. They monitor common OT serial interfaces, CAN, RS232, RS485 and RS482, as well as common protocols such as OPC, DNP3 and MODBUS and BACnet.