Blogosphere, meet Nation-E

Blogosphere, meet Nation-E

Idan Udi Edry
June 2, 2016

Welcome! I’m excited to share that we’re officially joining the blog community. For those of you who don’t know us, Nation-E specializes in providing end-to-end cyber security solutions to critical infrastructure. We recently opened two new offices in the United States to expand our footprint on a global scale - one in  Silicon Valley, which acts as our U.S. headquarters, and the second New York City, which acts as a showroom for our technology.

Here we plan to grow a community of readers and conversation starters by bringing you what’s new and important in the world of cyber security.

What to expect

 Whether you’re a well-informed cyber professional or an internet guru searching for the next hot topic, we have information for you. As the industry leaders, you can expect to see commentary based on the latest developments, threats and solutions from me and our team of professionals and guests.

 Thanks for stopping by! Visit us again and check back for updates as we go through the ins and outs of the industry. Feel free to share your questions, comments or anything you’d like to see covered here.