Broaching the Critical Infrastructure Threat Landscape

Nation-E: Broaching the Critical Infrastructure Threat Landscape

June 13, 2016

The world has never been flatter, with billions of smart devices interconnected through the Internet of Things (IoT). Despite the great promise of hyper-connectivity, it comes with inherent risk and potential threats that have already challenged governments, institutions and the private sector. Even with numerous attempts to protect the cyber domain, two important landscapes have been overlooked: critical infrastructure and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

Drawing from these impending threats and unprecedented vulnerability, the need for a cutting-edge, extensive and preventive approach for cyber threats has become paramount. That’s why Nation-E has developed a comprehensive solution ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure, industrial operations and related IT networks. 

The Problem 

The nature of the problem relates to the design, installation and functionality of serial infrastructure within the Operational Technology (OT) landscape, a landscape designed without cyber-security considerations in almost all cases. The main systemic vulnerability lies where OT systems meet IT networks, creating a gateway for attacks. These malicious attacks can result in potentially harmful outcomes, such as deactivating critical infrastructure with devastating results. 

In order to effectively safeguard the OT landscape, it’s important to understand the motivation behind cyber-attacks. Hackers and cyber-criminals are driven by various motives, including, political/ideological beliefs, economic value, criminal activity “spilling-over” to cyberspace, strategic gains and other issues pertaining to national security. 

The Nation-E Solution 

Nation-E has developed a one-of-a-kind holistic approach, with a transparent security layer that monitors all OT data traffic; encrypts and authenticates asset communications; and enforces a security policy on all protected machines. Through a unique combination of in-house hardware and software, high-level, real-time responsiveness and cost-effective price, the Nation-E solution secures the “blind spot” between IT and OT systems. An add-on solution, the technology requires no modifications to the existing OT infrastructure.

The Product

  • Smart Agents attach to serial endpoints to protect the flow of information without any modification, allowing for fluid data that is encrypted and authenticated. 
  •  Energy Firewall™ determines if an asset was removed, replaced or tampered with, and aggregates data and analytics. 
  •  The Cerebrum™ analyzes large volumes of incoming data aggregated by the Energy Firewall™ layer, identifies security/operational trends and provides concise, actionable alerts to a SIEM, such as the IBM QRadar. 

The age of hyper-connectivity is here, yet the vast majority of industrial enterprises, companies and government agencies in charge of critical infrastructure remain unprotected in this evolving environment. Cyber-attacks are increasing and inflicting greater damage in multiple sectors and industries

Our technology stands out with its multi-layered approach, proprietary hardware and software design and advanced technical features. This solution provides organizations maximum protection from impending security threats at an affordable price. Schedule a demo today for a risk assessment of your company assets and real time threat isolation: