Defending IEC's Power Lines

Defending IEC's Power Utility Communication Lines

May 30, 2016

Tens of thousands of cyber-attacks threaten company assets, personal data and critical infrastructure on a daily basis, and that number will only continue to grow. In search of advanced solutions to protect against these cyber threats on electrical power, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), the main supplier of electrical power in Israel, recently teamed up with Nation-E to protect the power utility communication lines in a successful pilot project.

The Project

Conducted throughout 2015, this pilot project was led by Dr. Leonid Lev and Leonid Rosenblum of IEC who sought out the skills of our cyber-security experts. Nation-E’s technology was successfully integrated with IEC’s communication systems to demonstrate a protection against a number of different cyber-attack scenarios on the power utility. These scenarios included:

  • An attacker extracting information from the system without the knowledge of the attacked
  • An attacker maliciously manipulating information on monitoring and control systems to cause damage or fraud
  • And a scenario which prevented monitoring of the endpoints

In the case of these scenarios, Nation-E’s systems detected and prevented the attacks before any harm was caused. "The Israel Electric Corporation is committed to finding the most trusted and advanced solutions to protect our customers against cyber-attacks,” said Yossi Schenk, Vice President of IEC. “We see Nation-E’s technology as an effective and substantial measure to protect the communications systems, as well as other important operation systems."

Information security researchers indicate cyber-attacks are escalating at an alarming rate. In fact, much of the discussion has shifted to protecting critical infrastructure following a breach that damaged Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure. Leaving hundreds of thousands without power, security officials deem this type of attack “cyber terrorism.”

“We're working diligently to be a step ahead of the cyber attackers," says Idan Udi Edry, CEO of Nation-E. “It is a unique privilege to see the technology we have developed protect the critical infrastructures which we use in our daily lives.”